Shameless fraud CBI officials falsely claim mediocre indore housewife veena is a domain investor

Though cbi officials are extremely powerful, some of these officials are shameless liars who will make completely false claims if bribed by google, tata, These shameless CBI officials are extremely vicious in defaming a brilliant single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder because they have been bribed to do so.
These shameless powerful CBI officials are falsely claiming that the domain names of the obc single woman engineer belong to a indore housewife veena to give her a lucrative job allegedly in R&AW, when in reality the housewife veena does not spend a single paisa on domain names or do any work online,

The housewife veena, mother of a son has openly admitted that she does not even use the internet, however the shameless fraud google/ tata/CBI officials have made a deal with her fraud husband mahesh that they will abuse their powers and falsely claim that the indore housewife veena owns the domain names, including the domain names, website where the disclaimers are posted to justify the wastage of indian tax money on the indore housewife, paying her a salary and pension at the expense of the single woman obc engineer, domain investor.

Now the cbi officials are stalking the single woman obc engineer everyday. On 20 November 2015, at around 6pm, the cbi officials sent a lookalike of mahesh to the place where she was shopping to indicate that the fraud mahesh and his wife veena are getting credit from the shameless fraud goan officials, for the domains registered by the single woman obc engineer and domain investor, though the cunning fraud mahesh and veena do not spend any money or do any work at all online

When will the shameless cbi/tata/google and other officials show some personal and professional integrity, humanity and stop wasting indian tax payer money defaming the single woman obc engineer, domain investor, Paypal account holders, and falsely claim that various mediocre housewives and cheaters own the domain names, without spending a single paisa on domain names