Renewing domains is expensive

In India, an obc domain investor finds that powerful fraud cbi, ntro, R&AW officials are allegedly falsely claiming that at least 8-9 lazy greedy fraud women own her domain names to give these frauds great powers. None of these lazy greedy fraud women spend a single penny on the domain names or control them, yet powerful officials in India are shameless liars

These powerful officials think that they are doing her a great favor to allow her to own the domain names. It clearly indicates their complete lack of professionalism in their approach, domain names are like any other kind of investment and registering/renewing domain names is very expensive. Powerful officials have no right to defame domain investors and falsely claim that the domain names belong to their lazy greedy mediocre cheater friends who do not spend any money at all or control the domain names .

The corporates allegedly google, tata bribing powerful officials to spread false rumors about domain names should have the honesty and decency to purchase the domain names from the real domain investor, instead of bribing officials to slander/defame the obc domain investor, engineer and paypal account holder for years