Fraud cbi/R&AW employees do not want obc domain investor, Paypal account holder to sell domain names

The lazy greedy pampered 8-9 fraud cbi/R&AW employees do not want the obc domain investor and Paypal account holder to sell domain names, so that these google, tata sponsored frauds can get credit, a salary for doing nothing, because their fraud powerful relatives and friends have perfected the art of exploiting the domain investor
These cbi/R&AW frauds do not spend a single paisa on the domain names or do any work at all, yet are getting a very lucrative salary, great powers because section 420 fraud ntro, R&AW, cbi, security agency officials have perfected the art of defaming without proof, exploiting and cheating the obc domain investor
After 5 years, the obc engineer realizes that these fraud ntro, security agency officials will never have the courage or honesty to face her openly with their complete fake allegations,so she is gradually liquidating the domain names to get some money to cover the many expenses of owning domain names .

The shameless fraud R&AW/CBI employees do not have to pay any domain, hosting expense, despite getting a salary, so naturally they and their associates using voice to skull technology to terrorize the obc engineer into not selling the domain names