Corrupt shameless fraud raw officials falsely claim indore housewife veena is a domain investor

Most websites claim that raw is a professionally managed organization, yet some powerful fraud raw officials are ruining the reputation when they falsely claim that the indore housewife veena is a domain investor owning domain names (including this one) and the associated paypal account to justify the raw salary she is getting.

When the indore housewife veena has not invested a single rupee or penny in domain names why should the real domain investor a obc single woman engineer tolerate the defamation and slander of powerful raw officials who are making fake claims about the ownership of her domain names.The indore housewife veena has invested her money in gold, real estate, and is spending all her time looking after her house and family, who will look after her in her old age. She does not spend any time or money online on domain names, websites.

The real domain investor and paypal account holder. a single woman obc engineer, has invested her hard earned money in domain names and is spending her time managing the domain names, yet she is expected to tolerate the slander of powerful fraud ntro,raw, cbi, security agency offiicals that she does not own the domain names, these cunning shameless powerful officials are FRAUDS when they falsely claim that the indore housewife veena owns the domain names of the single woman obc engineer

Why are raw, ntro, cbi, officials so dishonest and without any integrity when they falsely claim that the indore housewife and 8-9 other fraud raw/cbi employees own domain names, so vicious in slandering the real domain investor a harmless single woman. Why does no indian government employee look at the matter professionally and honestly to find the reason why the single woman obc engineer, domain investor is expected to tolerate defamation, slander and exploitation for the rest of her life.

If ntro, raw, cbi do not deal with the matter PROFESSIONALLY , the reputation of raw,cbi, ntro will be adversely affected as their lies about domain ownership can be easily proved.