Why are obc female domain investors defamed as idle, tortured in panaji, goa

It would be interesting to know the names, designation and motivation of the powerful cruel fraud intelligence and security agency offiicals in panaji, goa who are ruthlessly slandering one of india’s largest female domain investors as an idle person, with no income, and ruthlessly torturing her daily, multiple times a day. Senior government employees are expected to have some integrity, yet the government employees in panaji are some of the most shameless and audacious liars in the world,

When the lazy greedy mediocre friends and relatives of these powerful fraud officials in panaji, goa do not want to pay the market price of domain names, spend any money on renewal, or take the risk of investing their money in domain names, websites why do the shameless fraud powerful top officials continue to falsely claim that 8-9 fraud government employees own the domain names and associated paypal account.

Why do senior government employee lack honesty and profesional integrity when they are abusing their powers to defame a harmless honest indian citizen, making up false stories