Interesting reaction to .in domain auction

Though Indian security and intelligence agency officials especially ntro, cbi, R&AW refuse to acknowledge the fact, registering, managing and selling domain names is a time consuming and expensive process, and often buyers will cancel the deal at the last moment, wasting the sellers time. India’s largest female domain investor had sold some .in domain names in 2011, 2012 and since then had not sold any .in domain names.
In the meanwhile various well connected fraud women, with the help of powerful fraud ntro officials, falsely claimed that they owned the expensive .in domain names, to get lucrative government jobs with salary and pension, at the expense of India’s largest female domain investor who got nothing at all. These women do not spend a single rupee on the domain name expenses, yet get a good salary and great powers.
On the other hand, the real domain investor has to pay all the expenses, and is being tortured, defamed as a fool, because these fraud government employees are falsely claiming that they own the domain names, and NTRO, india’s technical intelligence agency is full of incompetent semiliterate officials who cannot even check the whois of the domain names to confirm the ownership of domain names.
Realizing that it is extremely difficult to make any money from .in domain names from advertising, the real domain investor decided to sell some of the .in domain names, to pay for the renewal of the other .in domain names, and reduce the yearly .in domain renewal bill.

The domain investor was contacted by a person on the forum stating that he was willing to pay the price immediately, the auction should be closed. The domain was put for auction because the domain investor wanted to get the best possible price for the domain name, why was the buyer expecting her to close the auction immediately. Was it because senior intelligence, security agency officials had falsely claimed that some one else was owning the .in domain names ? It will be interesting to know the price at which the auction will close.