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lll.in domain sale has angered a powerful person

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It appears that an extremely powerful official is upset with the sale of a lll.in domain name. to cover the many domain expenses, the domain investor has been posted on some websites and it appears that some one is taking the extra effort to pass insulting or humiliating comments on the domain investor, to provoke more comments or get the domain investor banned from the websites.
The powerful official appears to be overconfident that the domain investor who is being mercilessly tortured, and has almost no income, would renew the domain names for more 10 years without selling them and quietly let the 10-15 fraud government employees especially asmita patel, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi, sunaina get a monthly salary for making fake claims of domain ownership.
Now the domain investor is slowly selling the domain names as there is no long term profit for her in the indian internet sector, as she has been systematically denied information, opportunities, officials have too big egos to admit their mistake and give her a fair deal. When the domain names will be sold, the fraud government employees can no longer falsely claim to own the domain names as other male indian domain investors are not exploited, no longer justify the theft of the retirement savings of the domain investor saying that she has domain names.

So the official and his associates are trolling the domain investor on multiple forums and passing negative comments. For how long will these problems continue, only time will tell.