Monthly Archives: May 2016 prices increasing again

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It appears that in April May 2016, a large number of domain names were expiring due to which there was a drastic decrease in the prices of domain names. The price in domain marketplaces like Namejet, Sedo, Ebay, Flippa had decreased to less than $250 per domain name . Some domain investors found that many buyers are offering low prices.
However now there is again a shortage of domain names in the market, as many of those who spent $100-$600 per domain name, will not be willing to let it expire because they cannot pay $9 for 1 year renewal.
Due to tax planning, many domain investors purchase a large number of domain names in February, March yearly in some countries and they may drop their domain names if they do not find it lucrative. However now the supply of domain names has reduced, and buyers will have to pay more than $300 per domain name in a few months time .
On domain name forums like Namepros again buyers are interested in purchasing, and other domain names, though the prices are likely to be lower at present.

Cheap WebHosting Forum review

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With advertising rates, revenues reducing, webmasters are looking for reliable and economical webhosting for every website to maximize the profit they are making. Cheap Hosting Forum is an established webhosting forum with a large number of webhosting offers for shared, reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Servers so that members have a large variety of options when purchasing webhosting for their website, blog or online store. In addition to payment by Paypal, the webhosting customers can also purchase webhosting paying with Perfect Money, Bitcoin or other options. The webhosting forum also has a section where members can post their request for webhosting, showcase their website or get clarifications on any webhosting related problems they face.
While there are a large number of advertisements for webhosting online, the quality of the service can be poor, so it is advisable to purchase webhosting advertised in a forum as it is easier to contact the webhosting company in case of any problem. Thus webmasters looking for economical, reliable webhosting should check the for the latest cheap webhosting offers from a large number of webhosting companies worldwide.

Domain investors harassed for talent acquisition or are they really a security threat

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In an indication of how large corporates, allegedly google, tata control the indian intelligence, and security agencies, harmless domain investors are being labelled as a security threat without any proof at all, to defame, cheat, exploit, harass, and torture them for more than 6 years. Every person is considered to be innocent unless proved guilty, and after wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money for more than 6 years, the indian intelligence and security agencies like R&AW, CBI, NTRO have not been able to provide any proof at all against the harmless domain investor, indicating that some careless, incompetent or dishonest officials were involved.

So it has become increasingly obvious that the powerful top officials are making completely fake allegations without proof against a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor because they have been bribed directly or indirectly (in the form of jobs for their relatives, friends) to destroy her reputation, life, finances so that they can acquire talent, technology cheaply, or destroy competition in case of google.

As these government officials harassing cannot be identified or held accountable, it has become difficult for the domain investor to end their great fraud, as these officials are dishonest, corrupt, extremely powerful and shameless, without humanity. The domain names are only an investment, why dont officials or the corporates involved purchase the domain names paying the market price, instead of persecuting the harmless domain investor making fake allegations without proof.

HostBB forum review

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Though hosting is one of the most popular services purchased online, there are relatively few reliable forums for webmasters interested in purchasing webhosting and webhosting companies which are interested in promoting their services. The HostBB forum is a relatively new webhosting forum for webhosting companies and webhosting service providers using a .io domain name.

The HostBB forum has a webhosting section where members can discuss any webhosting related problem or query like the advantages and disadvantages of shared webhosting. Webhosting companies can post their offers for shared, reseller, VPS, server webhosting in the marketplace section. Members can also post their requirement for webhosting for their own websites, so that other members can make their offers. Additionally Hostbb has sections for domain names, webmasters, site showcase, general discussion and other topics.
For webhosting companies interested in free promotion of their services, getting leads,orders, and webmasters interested in discussing and getting help for their webhosting related problems, HostBB is a new forum which they should try.

More low priced offers for domain names

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For more than 6 years, indian intelligence agency officials, specifically NTRO officials have been falsely claiming that premium short domain names belong to their lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives to get them government jobs with monthly salary, when none of these fraud friends and relatives of top officials are willing to pay any money for the domain expenses or do any work online at all.
For nearly 5 years, these cunning ntro officials used the latest torture technology including voice to skull technology to create an atmosphere of fear, that they and their associates would purchase the domain names. Now it is increasing obvious that the fraud ntro officials and their friends will not purchase any domain name paying the market price, they shamelessly and falsely want to claim that they own the domain names, without spending any money to get great powers and a lucrative government job with monthly salary for doing nothing.
Now the real domain investor who is impersonated and exploited by 8-10 fraud government employees, has been protesting against the great fraud she has been subjected to , so these officials are asking their associates to send low priced offers for domain names. On May 24, 2016 the real domain investor received at least 20 offers for domain names for only $150. The market price of these domain names is $300 to $4000 or more, yet the buyer from USA wasted his time sending 20+ low priced offers wasting his time.
It would be interesting to understand the motivation of these officials who are asking their associates to waste their time sending low priced offers for domain names.

Fraud goan gsb R&AW employee siddhi holidays in manali, does not purchase a single domain name

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The shameless fraud top ntro, raw, cbi, tata, google officials falsely claim that their lazy greedy mediocre GOAN GSB FRAUD sex partner, diploma holder sex specialist siddhi gadkar, who has never invested a penny on domain names, is a domain investor, to give a very lucrative R&AW job with salary and great powers. In reality the lazy fraud goan gsb R&AW employee siddhi gadkar is least interested in purchasing domain names, taking the risk and spending her time and money.

In 2016, she has plenty of money from the extortion racket that she is running abusing her powers as a R&AW employee, and recently holidayed in Manali which could have cost at least RS 50000 . If she was really interested in working online, R&AW employee siddhi could have easily purchased at least a few domain names, they cost only about Rs 20000 each. However the cunning fraud R&AW employee siddhi is only interested in offering sex bribes to shameless fraud R&AW, CBi, ntro, security agency, google, tata officials, who then abuse their powers, waste tax payer money to spread false rumors that their goan sex partner siddhi, has the impressive resume, investment of another woman, who the shameless fraud R&AW employee siddhi committed corporate espionage on.

When will the fraud top ntro and other officials be honest and admit that their goan gsb sex partner fraud R&AW employee siddhi is least interested in working online, investing money online, and stop duping people that their lazy pampered GOAN SEX PARTNER, MISTRESS R&AW employee siddhi is not a internet specialist, she is a SEX specialist who has slept with the most powerful men in India.

SEX for domain fraud continues in India

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The great SEX for domain fraud in India, allegedly sponsored by google, tata continues in May 2016. Shameless fraud google, tata, ntro intelligence, security agency officials continue to falsely claim that the lazy greedy slim jeans clad goan obc bhandari sex bribe giver R&AW employee bsc sunaina who these officials have SEX with is a domain investor to give the goan obc bhandari slut great powers, a monthly raw salary.
In reality the lazy greedy mediocre fraud goan slut R&AW employee sunaina has never invested a single rupee in domain names, and is least interested in doing so or working online, which can be easily proved, yet the shameless fraud tata, google, ntro,raw, cbi, intelligence and security agency officials are so blinded by the FREE SEX that they are getting with the lazy greedy goan obc bhandari fraud sunaina, that they continue to waste their time and indian tax payer money to dupe people that sunaina, their fraud goan sex partner owns domain names.

As these fraud powerful lovers of sunaina can no longer declare that their goan sex partner is doing work online, these sex starved officials are now claiming that their sex partner sunaina should get the money from domain names, and are sending emails from Sunny Sunnyjutt, with title complete buyer list. When sunaina has not spent a single rupee on domain names, why should she get credit.

when will ntro will officially declare that having free sex with government officials makes any woman a domain investor overnight for indian government records, they do not have to spend money on domain names at all.

Inforum members asked to make cheap offers for domain names

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The shameless fraud ntro, google, tata officials had abused their powers to spread false rumors that government employees goan obc bhandari sex queen sunaina, gujju domain fraudster asmita patel, goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree, veena and other frauds owned the .in domain names, when none of these fraud government employees were spending a single penny on the domain names, yet get a monthly salary and a lot of privileges

Naturally the real domain investors finances were adversely affected due to the fraud of large companies and she has started selling the .in domain names, as she does not want to pay the renewal expenses, while 8-10 fraud government employees are getting a monthly salary at her expense. While the domain investor cannot do anything about the frauds getting a monthly salary, she can reduce her .in domain renewal expenses.

The triple premium domain name was sold at a price which was fairly low and now the other .in domain investor are angry that the domains are being sold at a low price. Instigated by j srinivasan, tata and other fraud officials, the .in forum members are sending her emails offering domains at a low cost repeatedly to waste her time. If ntro official j srinivasan and his darling R&AW employee sunaina did not want to purchase the domain names at the market price , why did they falsely claim that their friends owned the domain names at any time, duping a large number of people in the process.

Why did the cunning shameless fraud government official j srinivasan, google, tata officials continue to dupe so many people about the ownership of the domain names, if they do not have the honesty or humanity to purchase even a single or domain name in more than 6 years