LLLL.com prices increasing again

It appears that in April May 2016, a large number of LLLL.com domain names were expiring due to which there was a drastic decrease in the prices of Llll.com domain names. The price in domain marketplaces like Namejet, Sedo, Ebay, Flippa had decreased to less than $250 per domain name . Some llll.com domain investors found that many buyers are offering low prices.
However now there is again a shortage of llll.com domain names in the market, as many of those who spent $100-$600 per domain name, will not be willing to let it expire because they cannot pay $9 for 1 year renewal.
Due to tax planning, many domain investors purchase a large number of domain names in February, March yearly in some countries and they may drop their domain names if they do not find it lucrative. However now the supply of llll.com domain names has reduced, and buyers will have to pay more than $300 per domain name in a few months time .
On domain name forums like Namepros again buyers are interested in purchasing llll.com, llll.net and other domain names, though the prices are likely to be lower at present.