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.xyz promo ending soon

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Of the many new gtlds released in the last few years, .xyz has got a lot of coverage in the mainstream media. In the first few days of June 2016, some registrars were offering the domains for as little as 2 cents and till June end other registrars like Namecheap are offering a price of as little as 15 cents. If the registrar website is working properly, it is inexpensive to register domain names, however managing the domain names can be time consuming and expensive.

Unfortunately in the indian internet sector, the dishonest shameless top officials and companies, allegedly google, tata refuse to acknowledge the time, effort and money spent by the real domain investor, falsely claim that the domain names belong to their lazy greedy fraud goan sex partner, hoousewife and cheater friends to get all these frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI/intelligence agency jobs with monthly salary at the expense of the real domain investor who will get nothing.

The complete lies of the google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI/intelligence employees and their associates can be easily checked if a whois lookup of the domain names is carried out as none of these fraud indian government employees have spent any money on domain names and are least interested in doing so, only want credit, a monthly salary for cheating, lies.