Using Google Maps Widget PRO for wordpress

Increasingly people are using the internet to search for addresses for business purposes and also addresses of their friends and relatives or domain investors. If only the address is provided, the person will have to stop repeatedly to ask for directions, so businesses prefer to incorporate a map showing their business location online.

In the last few years, google maps has become the most popular online map software as it has a very comprehensive database of most locations worldwide. Also a large number of developers are using wordpress as the CMS for developing their websites, and the popular google maps widget for wordpress has thousands of users worldwide. The Google Maps Widget PRO is the pro version of the plugin and has several enhances features including import and export options, the ability to incorporate google analytics and professional support.

Installing the the popular Google Maps Widget PRO involves getting a Google Maps API key and then embedding the Google map in wordpress. WordPress developers can find out How to create Google Maps API key online, if they follow the simple instructions provided on the website. The Google Maps API key will be generated online, which can be then updated in the settings of the Google Maps Widget PRO. Some additional settings will also have to made like registering the Google Maps Static API online in the Google Developers console for the Google Maps API key to be fully functional.

Detailed information is available on How to embed a Google map in WordPress in a post or any other place in the wordpress blog. It mainly involves finding the location of the place being mapped on Google maps and generating a code for the map required which can be embedded. Using the Google Maps Widget PRO will make it simpler to embed a Google map in a wordpress site with minimum effort. Additionally a small business can also get detailed information on customers and others who are interested in purchasing the product or service for sale using the advanced features of the Google Maps Widget PRO.