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Major fraud on domain investors in India

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To destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply, google, tata are allegedly involved in a major fraud on domain investors, especially single women in India . Powerful intelligence and security agency officials are bribed indirectly and encouraged to make completely fake allegations without any proof at all against indian domain investors. These cunningly cowardly officials do not have the courage or honesty to make their allegations against the domain investor openly so that she or he can defend himself or herself against these incompetent fraud officials and end the harassment permanently

Instead these incompetent intelligence and security agency officials are allowed to waste a huge amount of tax payer money to ogle, sexually harass, torture, cheat and exploit the harmless domain investor, trying to find non existent proof against her . In a clear indication of the poor systems in the indian intelligence and security agencies, though these dishonest officials cannot find any proof against a harmless indian citizen, they are allowed to waste resources and the most sophisticated equipment to monitor a harmless citizen denying her the fundamental right to privacy, to earn a fair living as all her leads and orders are stolen.

Additionally powerful fraud intelligence agency officials are encouraged to steal the resume of the domain investor, who was their encouraged classmate, falsely claiming that their lazy greedy goan sex partners, cheater housewives and other frauds, falsely claiming that these fraud women have the impressive resume, investment of the domain investor to get all these fraud women lucrative jobs in indian intelligence/security agencies like R&AW/CBI. None of these fraud google, tata sponsored government employees have ever invested a single penny in domain names and are least interested in doing so, yet the shameless fraud google, tata top officials in India continue to repeat their lies like robots that their lazy fraud girlfriends, relatives, who have no experience online are domain investors.

This great google, tata Indian domain fraud has continued for more than 6 years since 2010 and there is no indication that the shameless fraud greedy cruel animal like google, tata officials will have the honesty to end their lies. So when a powerful google, tata, indian intelligence,security agency official in India claims that his girlfriend or relative is a domain investor , he is most likely to be telling lies as his lazy greedy fraud friend or relative does not pay for or control the domain names.