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Why google,tata sponsored SEX worker and other R&AW/CBI employees will not invest in domain names

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Though senior ntro officials led by J srinivasan,vijay,puneet have duped a large number of people that their lazy greedy risk averse sex worker, cheater girlfriends, who have never invested any money online, are domain investors to get them lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly salary, it is extremely unlikely that they will ever invest any money online in domain names.
The google,tata online fraud has continued for 6 years now, most of these google,tata sponsored frauds are getting a government salary for more than two years now. If they were actually interested in domain names, these fraud women would spend their money and at least register one or more domain names which are fairly inexpensive costing Rs 99 or less for the first year.
Instead these fraud intelligence employees continue to rely on their their powerful fraud relatives and friends in ntro, intelligence and security agencies to make fake claims about domain ownership. For a few years, the real domain investor tolerated the lies, thinking that these cheater women would actually pay the market value and purchase the domain names.
However after 6 years of the google,tata fraud, no one has approached the domain investor for purchasing the domain names, indicating that they are not interested in legally purchasing , only want to make fake claims and dupe people. Most serious investors, will initially invest a small amount, and depending on the returns they will invest a larger amount over a period of time. None of these fraud women have shown any inclination to invest in a single domain name, in the last few years, and are unlikely to do so.
Why should the real domain investor tolerate the defamation, exploitation any further?
The only way to end the fraud is to inform a large number of people about the google, tata sponsored fraud intelligence employees who are domain fraudsters so that the officials end their lies.