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NTRO officials blinded by their lust for goan sex worker R&AW employees, involved in domain fraud

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There are many male domain investors in India of the same age as goan sex worker R&AW employees siddhi mandrekar sunaina chodnekar , goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee riddhi nayak, R&AW fraud employee flirt asmita patel , all of them are honest and invest their own hard earned money in domain names, taking the risk of making money or making losses .
If they make losses, they have less money for other activities, they will not be able to purchase new clothes, new cars, eat out in posh restaurants, their lifestyle will be adversely affected, they will have to get funds from other sources. However the male domain investors are willing to take the risk that they will lose money and they deserve whatever profit they are making.
On the other hand, india’s largest female domain investor finds that the cunning pathological liar google, tata, ntro officials are falsely associating the lazy greedy mediocre goan sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud relatives and friends of top officials with her, to give all these frauds great powers, R&AW/CBI/intelligence jobs with monthly salary.

When these google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees are not investing any money and are least interested in doing so in future also, why are the extremely powerful officials falsely claiming that these fraud indian intelligence employees are associated with the domain investor to deny her the opportunities she deserved. Just because the powerful fraud relatives and friends of these fraud women made fake allegations without proof against the engineer , why is the domain investor expected to tolerate all the lies, cheating, exploitation and slander, for the rest of her life

For how long will the NTRO officials be blinded by their lust and continue to falsely claim that their friends and relatives, lazy frauds are domain investors, instead of being honest and realistic. No domain investor will keep the all domain names for long, they will sell them, so the person should have some domain knowledge which these google, tata sponsored frauds do not have and are not interested in spending time, money to acquire .Why does the female domain investor not have the same status as the male indian domain investors, who do not find the indian government associating lazy frauds with them