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Free Data recovery software for Mac

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As internet usage has increased, more hacking and malware is reported and some internet users find that important data and other files from their hard drive have disappeared , probably deleted by a hacker who accessed their computer remotely using a wifi or internet connection out of hatred, to cause financial losses or for corporate espionage.

Domain investors are especially targetted by hackers deleting files on their computers as these hackers wish to cause losses and force them to sell the domain names cheaply. Sometimes,some mac users find that files are accidently deleted from their computer , especially if there are multiple people using the same computer . Often computer users are deleting files which they think they will not require to free up disk space, yet at a later date, may find out that they require the files for their work or entertainment. In such cases, computer users trying to recover their deleted files can use the free app for Data Recovery in Apple Store , Disk Drill ,from Cleverfiles which is developed for data recovery for Mac & Windows platforms.

The Disk Drill Media Recovery software can be used with Apple Mac laptops and desktops to quickly recover the deleted or missing files.The process of recovering the deleted files using the software from the hard disk is a simple four step process . The Mac user should use an image of the hard disk and ensure that the settings are as specified. Then the software will search on the hard drive copy and recover the deleted files. This can save a lot of time for the person whose files are deleted, as they do not have to waste their time recreating the lost files or searching for copies of the deleted files elsewhere.
Thus the Disk Drill utility is a useful app for Mac users who wish to recover their deleted files quickly saving time and money.