Domain investor punished, tortured for transferring domain name

Most internet companies are more honest than NTRO
The shameless fraud ntro official j srinivasan allegedly promised a tamilian doctor a health related domain name, if she helped him in stalking, defaming, harassing and torturing his btech 1993 EE classmate who he hated and was also a domain investor. Tired of being tortured (which caused great pain) and exploited for more than 6 years, the engineer transferred the domain name to a far smaller registrar , who would at least acknowledge that she was making the payment, instead of allowing the fraud ntro officials to falsely claim that their sex partners, friends and relatives, who did not spend any money, owned the domain names
As a result, she was ruthlessly punished for the domain transfer , tortured with the most sophisticated radiation weapons causing a great pain, a severe headache .
The attack took place at around 11.15 am and 8 hours later the engineer is still experiencing great pain, due to the extremely powerful high intensity microwave attack of the criminal ntro officials . .