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when will indian government stop falsely claiming goan call girl, frauds are domain investors?

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The indian government has not yet nationalized domain investment, website development, yet shameless fraud ntro, CBI officials are allowed to abuse their discretionary powers and falsely claim that goan call girls, frauds who have never invested any money online are domain investors to get a monthly R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence salary.
While the CBI, ntro officials enjoy free sex, and these fraud women are getting a monthly salary for doing nothing, it is a very big fraud on the real domain investor who is spending her time and money online, only to find that the sex starved ntro, cbi, security agency officials , the indian government is falsely claiming that goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other lazy greedy fraud indian intelligence employees who do not spend any money online are domain investors.
When none of the male indian domain investors are subjected to a similar fraud, why is India’s largest female domain investor alone subjected to defamation, exploitation and expected to tolerate the slander, cheating, exploitation , can the fraud CBI, google, tata, NTRO officials explain in an open debate?